Diet & Nutrition

The first 1000 days are key in our overall health and wellbeing, not only at a young age but all the way into adulthood.

Education is key throughout all the lifecycles to optimize our best outcome.



Pre & Postnatal Nutrition

The first 1000 days start at conception. I can help you embark on a journey, of real food, to optimie you during your pregnancy, but also help support your baby's stores once they are born.

Research is showing us that eating correctly during our pregnancy helps with foetal programming, helps ours and our baby's microbiome and can also impact the postnatal stage. We can also manage certain conditions better during our pregnancy, such as morning sickness, Gestational Diabetes, fatigue.


Paediatric Nutrition


Everything I do in my sessions and courses, focuses on these 3 things. Without these, we will have no success.

Since becoming a mother myself, I have found myself better able to relate to parents and the anxiety experinced around meal times (with a baby or older child).

I try to optimize our window from birth until 2 years old, to maximise our children's ability to become better, healthier eaters.

You can work with me one-to-one or sign up for my Tiny Tummies Program.