The Program

Hypnobirthing™ is a birth preparation technique aimed at guiding a woman to birth in a calm manner. The program considers the psychological and the physical wellbeing of the mother, the baby and her birth partner, with this triad being the centre point of care.



The Technique

HypnoBirthing™ focuses on special breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques, as well as the physiology of birth. Throughout history, and certainly throughout out lives, women are made to fear birth, and this should not be the case. If we bring fear and tension into the birth space, we will have one experience versus if we bring a calm and understanding energy to the space. HypnoBirthing™ aims to help mothers and birth companions bring a confidence to their birth.

Ready to know more?

HypnoBirthing™ Classes are run in conjunction with Malaak Mother and Baby Care, currently offered online through Zoom. To find out more please email [email protected]