Hi! I'm Jordana and I am the founder of JV Nutrition. I am also the mom, wife, registered dietitian and certified SOS Feeding Therapist.

I started JV Nutrition because I am passionate about the health and wellbeing of our little ones. I truly believe that this starts at conception. I focus primarily on the first 1000 days of your little one's life (conception until age 2).

And if you are planning on conceiving, even better, we can work together for 3 months prior to this and optimize the way you start your pregnancy.

How we feed ourselves during pregnancy and afterwards (particularly if breastfeeding), will impact our babies stores of essential nutrients and their gut microbiome. This is the best start for long term health and well being, all the way into adulthood.

I love working and supporting women during the postpartum time, to optimize their own and their baby's health.

I will be here to help guide you through all the stages your baby will go through in their eating journey. If they have any specific issues, such as food allergies, constipation, reflux, and picky eating, I am here to help guide you.

My goal is to provide advice and guidance in the most practical and user friendly way. I know the balance is real when you have a million things to do.



BSc Med (HONS) Nutrition and Dietetics 2007 - University of Cape Town

SOS Feeding Therapy Course March 2021

HypnoBirthing Instructor - Mongan Method 2014


Trudi Rinaldi
During my earlier stages of pregnancy, I was scared and daunted by the thought of birthing. Until I attended Jordana's
hypnobirthing classes. She presented all the information on birthing in such a way that made me feel at ease and even 
excited about giving birth. It also gave my husband the tools required to feel like he was really part of the whole
birthing experience and to have a purpose at the birth. I don't think I would have gotten through my induced birth,
drug free, without the breathing techniques Jordana taught me or the assistance techniques that she taught my husband.
I honestly believe that practising the rainbow relaxation with baby Mathilda everyday is the only reason Mathilda
was able to overcome the stress on the baby that is an induced labour. It was overall a completely worthwhile
experience, and Jordana truly is worth her weight in gold!
Sara Felch
My husband and I took Jordana's Hypnobirthing class and can't say enough positive things.  It really helped us to prepare
for the birth of our daughter emotionally, mentally and physically.  We went in knowing relatively nothing about childbirth
and completed the class much more confident about the start of our new life as a family of three.  Jordana was informative,
flexible and willing to help with and answer questions about anything.  Even after the class was over she was very supportive
when we had more questions.  Her class is something I can't imagine having gone through childbirth without.